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Changing the filter on a Goodman gas furance

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I rent a home that has a Goodman gas furance/AC unit installed. In order to change the filter, I have to unscrew the botttom half of the front of the unit. The wires all hang down and I have to place the 14x25x1 filter inside, under these wires. It always gets stuck and the filter ends up bending. Am I buying the wrong kind of filter? To be honest, I but the cheapest one I can find, usually encased in cardboard. Yes, I shut off the emergency switch first! But I can never get the filter to lay flat where it's supposed to be. Am I doing something wrong? The condensate line for the AC is a real gem's PVC pipe that goes out through the wall. I have to keep a pail under it so it doesn't run down the driveway and pool by the neighbors driveway. Looks like a Rube Goldberg operation to me. The changing of the filter really scares me though.
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Got a picture?
I hope I've done this properly:

The first picture is the cover of the Goodman furnace

The 2nd picture is the bottom half open with a the wires and the filter.


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