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I am trying to change the two switches in my dinning room (1 on each side) to control a ceiling light fixture instead of the outlet that they originally controlled. Only the top outlet from the outlet is controlled by the switches, the bottom one is always 'hot'. This outlet is right by one of the switches. I have run romex from the light fixture in the ceiling to the light switch box near the outlet.

The outlet has 2 romex going to it. The grounds are crimped together and attached to the metal box and then to the outlet green screw. The brown wire from romex 1is connected to the white wire from romex 2, then these are connected to the hot side of the bottom outlet(always hot). The white wire from romex 1 is connected to the netural side of the outlet. The brown wire from romex 2 is connected to the top outlet 'hot' side.

now, there are three romex going into the switch box, one of which is the new romex I ran from the light fixture to the box that is not connected to anything. Romex 1 is coming from the house and has 4 wires in it, red, black, white, ground. Romex 2 is coming from the outlet and has three wires, brown, white and ground. Black from #1 is capped with White from #2. Red from #1 is going to the top slot in the switch. Brown from #2 is connected to the middle slot in the switch. White from #1 is going to the bottom slot in the switch.

Where do I hook up the wires from the new romex that I ran from the light fixture?
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