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Change Wall Hung Toilets to Floor Ones

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Hi, I just bought a house with two wall hung toilets. These are back to back and use the same drain pipe. The both are very old, ugly, and leak. I'd like to replace them with floor mounted toilets. I've looked into replacements for my wall hung toilets and they seem to run around $500 each. I've never worked with wall hung toilets before. I am used to replacing floor ones. So I'm just wondering if it makes sense to spend $1000 on new wall hung toilets or get a plumber to install piping for the floor ones? Any advise would be appreciated.
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I should mention that there is plenty of room in the crawl space under the house. The pipes are not in concrete and very accessible.
That is a rather big expense----new floor openings and then wall repair and paint---maybe even new floor coverings,too.

If you are planning to remodel both baths so those expenses are covered? Then ,sure,why not?

If floor and wall/painting are are not in the works--then get your self a wall hung replacement---
Go to a real plumbing supply house for the foam gaskets---sealer and nuts---most have them as a kit---
why replace toilets just change gaskets and make sure the thimble and back nuts are set correct and they will not leak. i personally would rather have wall mounts easier to clean floor
Only problem is that residential wall hung toilets are limited in variety. If you're looking for something specific, you won't find it in the wall hung monster.
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i doubt if you could get a plumber to do the job for under $1000
i doubt if you could get a plumber to do the job for under $1000
2 hours of jetting $795 1 hour camera $295 the look on the homeowner face when you tell him he needs a new sewer line at a cost of 9g's priceless. :yes:
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