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Change the ceiling light and it's not as bright.

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I changed ceiling lights in a bed room and in a hallway.

When I flick the switch, they actually take time to get bright. Especially the one in the hallway, takes about a sec to actually get turned on after I flick the switch. They are very dimmed for the first a couple of minutes, then finally gives out full brightness....

I checked the voltage and it's only about 18.7v...shouldn't it be full 110V just like regular electrical outlets?? (I'm in Canada by the way..)

Please help me and thanks in advance!!

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What do the instructions say the 4'th wire is for?

Can you see where in the fixture the various wires are connected? Post a picture.

How many light bulbs are in the fixture? If more than one and you removed one, does the fixture behave the same?
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