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Change the ceiling light and it's not as bright.

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I changed ceiling lights in a bed room and in a hallway.

When I flick the switch, they actually take time to get bright. Especially the one in the hallway, takes about a sec to actually get turned on after I flick the switch. They are very dimmed for the first a couple of minutes, then finally gives out full brightness....

I checked the voltage and it's only about 18.7v...shouldn't it be full 110V just like regular electrical outlets?? (I'm in Canada by the way..)

Please help me and thanks in advance!!

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Incandescent or fluorescent bulbs? If the first, you've a loose connection or more that needs correcting. If the latter, some CFLs require time to come to full brightness.
It's CFL but my other light fixtures with CFL works just fine...

I just opened it up to check the connectivity and noticed this light fixture came with three wires and a ground.

One is connected to a live wire(black), another one is connected to a neutral wire (white), and a bare metal wire is obviously connected to a ground wire.

AND I can't figure out where this one last wire should be connected to. It's not labeled or anything and the light still turns on without this being connected.
Any idea??
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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