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what steps are taken in changing out a grounded semi herm. compressor

Okay since this a DIY site and a lot of people think they can take on a job which boundaries are way outside their ability I'll explain:

Power off to unit and confirm high voltage off.

Recovery machine and recovery cyclinder to bypass the non working compressor's ability to pump any refrigerant into the recovery cyclinder.

Once refrigerant is recovered, pretty much just unwire and rewire compressor as is including unbrazing or cutting lines set connections at compressor and drier which will need replacement and another one added ( suction side) along with acid away introduced into the picture. Yes, you will need a brazing rig and a vacuum pump and a micron gauge and refrigerant and refrigerant gauges plus a $1000 recovery machine and a recovery cylinder.

Braze in and rewire in new compressor, pull vacuum to 400 microns minimum AFTER filling lineset and compressor with nitrogen to be certain you have no leaks and dumping said nitrogen, fill with refrigerant either by weigh in or self charge and be done after the system equalizes.

Charge to sh and/or sc with affirmation of .5" static pressure (of which you'll need a manometer, $200) and clean coils.

Oh yeah, also replace that cap.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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