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I'm sitting here at the puter researching T5 lights to put in a fixture that I'm building above the master bath vanity. I wanted to use T5's recessed in the top pointed up to provide 'up light' in that part of the bathroom.

Besides having a hard time finding the T5 fixtures I want....the prices I'm seeing are not exactly 'great'.

So...just out of curiosity...I looked at one of my fav sites....SuperBrightLED...(my jeep dash is all LED).

Cost would appear that strip LED's are about the same cost as the T5 fixtures I was looking at....and the lum's are about the same for the same length....hmmmm

I'm looking at this one for the uplights....

At $44 for 3'....that is cheaper than the T5 fixtures I'm looking at....but I still have to factor in the power supply....but I think I could make this dimmable....


Anyone used something like this? Thoughts?
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