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change from gas wall oven to electric

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My double gas wall unit oven is 40 years old and must be replace. I prefer electric because I want a combo microwave/oven. A friend told me it would cost me $15,000 (!!!!) to upgrade my kitchen to pull out the gas oven and put in up-to-code electric. How does this make sense?
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Are you asking how it makes sense that your friend thinks it will cost $15,000, or are you asking how much this forum thinks it might really cost?

If you are asking why your friend thinks it might cost $15,000, you should ask them what the basis of their estimate is. If you want an estimate from the DIY crowd, you should supply some details of the proposed project. For example, what type of combination oven are you considering, how much power does it draw, what capacity (if any) you have in your electrical system.

I recently installed a GE Advantium oven, which is an electric combination microwave/radiant heat unit. Cost of the oven about $1400. I had to replace the wires that fed the old oven, since the Advantium required a higher ampacity circuit. If you hire an electrical contractor, and you do not need to uprate your panel, you should be able to get a new circuit installed for something on the order of $500, unless there are special problems running the wire.

You might have to frame out the kitchen wall cabinet to accept a new oven, especially if the new oven is wider than the old one. There used to be a lot of 24 inch ovens sold, these days most of them are 27, 36 or 48 inch. Add the cost of framing to the price, unless you are going to do it yourself.

Then you need to close off the old gas line. That would be a plumber's job. If you want the pipe completely removed, that would cost more than simply cutting and capping at the source.

Add it all up, doesn't seem to reach anywhere near $15K, but perhaps your friend has expertise and experience in these matters, and could enlighten us all.
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