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chalky primer(preprimed) door trim

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the new back door I had installed a couple months back. the trim on the exterior and in the middle(where the door covers) is really chalky.

simply rubbing my fingers across it will cover them in white chalk. I wiped them down with a damp towel and tested them the next day - still chalky. Is this normal? will painting over it cause adhesion issues? I want to paint it with a latex.
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Yes, you could have adhesion issues

It is not unusual for pre-primed to be chalky
That's why most pros will prime "pre-primed" trim

Since it's very chalky, and a few months installed, I'd suggest (re-)priming with Zinsser's Gardz before painting
I figured that I would have to reprime the preprime. The preprimed is also cracking and bubbly in some areas. I wish they wouldn't have primed it at the factory in the first place! Thanks for the tip on Gard; i researched a little and its seems to be highly recommended by pro painters.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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