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Chalking Exterior Paint

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The paint on the exterior of my house is chalking pretty badly. I used a house wash and 2500 psi pressure washer to prep the surface (cement board), but the chalking is still an issue. It is particularly bad in the areas the get more sunlight. What are my options? I considered power washing again, but im not sure how much it will help. Ive heard that you can put additives into the paint to help seal the chalking paint, but I have no experience with that. The only other thing I can think to do would be to prime the entire house - which I really dont want to do..... I noticed the Zinsser 1-2-3 said that its only an exterior "spot primer." What is the correct primer to use over larde exterior areas? I am painting with SW A-100 paint. Any help would be really appreciated.

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There is a clear penetrating primer called Peel Stop ( not peel Bond- totally different product) that is made for chalky surfaces. Zinsser make it also.
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Will that work over large areas? Would I need to paint over it as soon as it dries?
Yes and you would have probably 30 days before it cures. Best to real label -don't remember off the top of my head.

Like I said- it's clear- so won't help with coverage- but you can go right to paint after.
I don't know if you have ICI or Glidden store in your area but there is an ICI primer called Gripper that can be tinted and will bond over the chalky siding. I have used it lots of times with this type problem it seals and makes for an excellent surface for a finish coat.It can be tinted to match your finish paint. It also dries fast( don't remember exactly how long) for a quick re-coat.
Will the Glidden Gripper work that's sold at the box store? Looks like it might be a good option.
Will the Glidden Gripper work that's sold at the box store? Looks like it might be a good option.
I don't know if it is the same formulation.It may be.I would call a Gldden store and ask.
Let me add that the pressure washer sometimes is ineffective in removing chalk. Many times chalk has to be cleaned off the old-fashioned way........with Krud Kutter and a scrub brush.
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Thanks for all the responses. I think im going to go with the Glidden Gripper product b/c ive read that its on the thicker side. There are some surface imperfections that I think it will cover. I read that painting soffits, face, trim/corner-boards (in that order) is the best route - any suggestions?

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Paint will not cover imperfections.
But other than that it will work.
A standard acrylic exterior primer would be best, as they adhere the best to chalky surfaces. In the Glidden (Glidden Professional stores) line, this would be the Hydrosealer 6001. 100% acrylic, excellent bond, good recoat time. Neither this nor Gripper will cover imperfections, but they bond well, which is what you need.
I started with the Glidden Gripper today. So far its working out well. I also used a Purdy brush for the first time (decided to splurge during the SW 40% off sale). Wow - what a difference that makes. Now I only wish I would have known about their caulk before I went and bought the Alex stuff. The lady at SW told me that they dont stock exterior semi-gloss in A-100 and that their gloss was the same as an ordinary semi-gloss. Any truth to that? Im thinking that I should have gone with the satin instead. I am using it to paint soffits and trim. Any advice?

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When I buy paint from SW they told me the same about their gloss and it was true when I used the exterior Duration the sheen was a nice semi-gloss finish.Not sure why it is labled that way.
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