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Hello everyone,

I was asked to help a friend install a chair rail in their dining room because I have done it before. Unfortunately I have only done it where the doors to the room also had door frames. This dining roo. just has the sheetrock corners.

I am lookinf doe visually appealing options for how to end the chair rail in the room. I have seen people cut a very small piece to cap the end but I don't know how that would look when there are two different colors on the wall.

What are your suggestions?


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Returning the end into the wall is the best option IMO. As for multiple paint colors, straight-edge the Chair rail color out to the corner and call it good.

This project will have all white from the rail down, but it's the same principle, carry the chair rail color to the corner.


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If they wanted a heavier looking rail you could run one run right side up and another run upside down jammed tight under the top run. At the ends, 45 the top run back then the bottom run back to form a V, then cut a piece of the rail to fit. It will look like the rail runs across the room, goes down to the other run and back. Man I know I am not explaining this right.
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