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Chain Link Fence Questions

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What's the best time of year to buy chain link fencing material? I'm going to be putting one up next spring/summer and it would be great to stock up on supplies when their cheap.

Also has anyone used the expanable urethane foam to set their posts? Youtube has a couple videos from a company called GRA Services that seems like a really cool product.
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I cannot image chain link would be very susceptible to seasonal price changes. I suppose you might find it on sale during DIY project seasons or at the end of the summer or fall if a building supplier had lots on hand.

I don't know about foam post anchoring. Open to new ideas but dry setting posts with Sakrete seemed pretty fast (dig your postholes, set the posts, fill the holes with Sakrete, add water to the top of the Sakrete) Not sure I am up to hauling around 90 pound sacks these days though.
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