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CH breakers wiggle

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Hey guys;
I just changed out a breaker in my CH (brown handles) panel. After re-installing the cover, and making sure it is properly seated, I notice that all of the breakers will wiggle slightly when moved up and down (in the Y plane, not the Z) with respect to the top and bottom of the panel.
I'm referring to the entire breaker, not just the handle.

I am pretty sure this is normal, as I seem to recall this being the case even when the panel was bran-new.
But being the 'what if' sort, I just want to be sure it's OK.

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It is normal. Don't wiggle them and they won't move :eek:
You can get them from HD. Note they have a flattened head so as not to puncture hidden wires. They push them out of the way instead.
Yes, I get my head and butt crossed up sometimes :eek:
I’ve gotten to be a witness to such an act.
Me, too. Inside a frame room when some goofball decides to run a cover screw in a 3 phase panel. Primary was laying against the front of the panel box. Nice fireworks.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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