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CH breakers wiggle

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Hey guys;
I just changed out a breaker in my CH (brown handles) panel. After re-installing the cover, and making sure it is properly seated, I notice that all of the breakers will wiggle slightly when moved up and down (in the Y plane, not the Z) with respect to the top and bottom of the panel.
I'm referring to the entire breaker, not just the handle.

I am pretty sure this is normal, as I seem to recall this being the case even when the panel was bran-new.
But being the 'what if' sort, I just want to be sure it's OK.

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Thanks. I tend to overthink everything.
I've also noticed that there are 6 screw positions in the cover, but only the 4 corner screws are installed. That's the way the electrician who installed the panel left it. It passed inspection, so I guess the 2 middle screws aren't really necessary. Still, it makes me wonder why the manufacturer would put them there if they're not necessary. I should probably get a couple more screws (probably have to buy them from CH).
You can get them from HD. Note they have a flattened head so as not to puncture hidden wires. They push them out of the way instead.
Thanks for the link. Interesting about the flattened head (actually, aren't you referring to the tip of the screw?). I've always been careful to make sure there are no wires in the areas where the screws go, but I guess it's easy to overlook that.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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