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Welcome Dan.....hoepfully you will stick around and it helps to put your location in your profile.

First off, I would never buy any bulbs off fleebay....

My local Costco was selling the same bulb for about the same price....

Yes, they do make dimmable CFL's in that style.....I would suggest that your browse Amazon or Lamps Plus web sites for more options.....or just go down to your local HD or Lowes.

I have a few of those in my house...but I don't dim them.

If your going to do dimming...make sure you have the right dimmer....a standard flavor dimmer for incandescents will not work for CFL's. Go to the Lutron web site for exact technical details.

Unless cost is a big issue, you might want to look into LED bulbs. That size is much more affordable...and LED's are better suited to dimming than CFL's.

Lastly....consider color....if this is for a chandiler...I would suggest not useing warm white (2700K). I would go with a 4000K or so color...that will look much better with a bunch of cristyl around it.

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Costco is charging 99 cents for 20? How do they make a profit?


Just kiding.

Anyway, I've never had problem buying from ebay, and the price is definitely right for my cheap ass, so I'm going to watch this listing and try and sneak in a super low bid before it expires. Even if they blow I can probably unload them on craigslist and get my $ back...
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