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Certainteed, GAF, IKO, Atlas OR Tamko???

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Greetings to all. I have been reading the comments on this site for a few days and love the discussions and information you guys provide.

I live in Michigan and need to get a new roof for my family that will last. Problem is that I have no clue which manufacturer to go with and have heard and read both good and bad about all the manufacturers. I am hoping to get a roof that wont leak, cup, curl, blow off or fall apart in 5 - 15 years so I can avoid dealing with the manufacturer warranty.

The contractor that I like the best so far mainly uses IKO but has told me he is willing shingle my roof with whichever manufacturer that I choose. He says that IKO has a 15 year warranty that covers material and labor and he believes IKO is the heaviest and best shingle on the market and they will stand by their product. He says IKO had problems in the past but has made their shingle better in recent years and handles claims better as well.

I know over the years the quality of some may go up while the quality of some may go down. After reading several threads on this site I am leaning toward GAF Timberline but was told that because they are now sold through Home Depot their quality has gone down. Please help...

The question is: Certainteed Landmark, GAF Timberline, Tamko, IKO or Atlas? I know this is a tough question but am hoping some of you pros can give me some insight. Or if I do not have the best manufacturer listed to provide your opinion on the best manufacturer and shingle for my area of the U.S.A.

Your comments would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Most of the Michigan roofers I know through this forum and others choose Certainteed and Tamko.

I myself have installed shingles from each of the manufacturers you mentioned and have done so with very few problems.

The only real problems to speak of was with Certainteed and IKO.
Certainteed has new ownership and they stopped producing their problem lines of shingles.
IKO has the same ownership but they also stopped producing their problem lines.

Every manufacturer operating in North America has had issues.

I would trust your contractor, if you don't feel comfortable doing that, then maybe you haven't found the right contractor yet?

Good Luck.
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(AVG-JOE;Thanks SlyFox...I was hoping you would provide me a comment, I read some of your other posts and you seem to be very knowledgable.)

Thank You for the compliment, there's several knowledgeable contractors in this forum.
I'm not the best, but I'm as good as any and better then most.

(Ques: If you had to choose between Certainteed, GAF, Tamko or IKO which would you use to shingle your own roof and why?)

I re-roofed my home last November "2010" with Tamko Heritage.
Aesthetically my personal choice was between the Timberline, Heritage and Landmark shingles.
Mechanically they each perform equally.
So the why for me was the heritage was the one that best fit the color scheme of my newly painted aluminum siding & trim.

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