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ceramic tile over wood flooring

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i've read over this topic ALOT, I'm very much an amuetar and would like to know if i'm right on what to do on what i've read. This is a small hallway. I need to put a CBU board on top of my wood floor before tiling. Thats all i need to do before tiling? Is it necessary to remove the baseboards? I've been perflexed for days on this, any easy to understand instructions would be greatly appreciated and thank you for having this chatline
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Subfloors for tile MUST be rigid, usually a min. of 1 1/4" is needed or you will have cracking tiles and/or grout. You don't need to remove baseboard, but do remove the 1/4 round, then install new after done. You could remove the baseboard, then install new basebaord over the tile edges for a cleaner look, but 1/4 round is the usual way.
Thank you for your response, appreciate it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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