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Central vac broke

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I have a Beam classic central vac, and it stopped working. when you plug it in i hear a click, but wont start up... i had the brushes changed a few years ago and when that happen it was different, the vac just lost power.. this time it just stopped, i am wondering if it could be a relay switch and would it be on the board... any thoughts
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Could be the motor is locked up, or it could be a bad relay circuit board.

Need to check the motor first.

What I use is a heavy lamp cord with an inline on/off switch. Wire nut it to the leads in the motor.

Motor runs you're good. Motor smokes, doesn't run, or trips the circuit breaker at the panel, it's probably time to order a circuit board.

I took a closer look and its the 24 volt power relay, i see you can buy the relay and solder it into the board, or buy the whole board, it would be much cheaper to just get the relay.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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