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cement wet after pour

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Hi all,

I have very little knowledge with concrete. I tried fixing some thin areas near the wall floor edge in my basement (they were damp and smelly), with some hydraulic cement. Neat stuff.. I first chiseled away the thin loose concrete stuff, then packed these areas with the cement. Anyway I have noticed that it seems to be sweating water a bit. Is this a normal part of the curing process? Also I notice that it has funny yellow colouration in large areas.

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Well I hope you are right that it is normal. But carpet fllooring a better solution in a damp basement?:huh:

Maybe AFTER there are no damp spots:)
Maybe the moderator removed the post? There was one post from what looked like a supplier of carpets suggesting that was a better solution..

Basically my question is about the patches I made with hydraulic cement. They appear to be sweating a bit of water. Maybe you are right and the reason those spots were dank in the first place was because of water level and or hydrostatic pressure. The other areas are NOT sweating however.

I've been here for over 10 years and just assumed it was an issue with grading and gutters (or even water level perhaps). Finally the other week I decided to try and break up the small spots and see what was under there. Well, to my surprise, most of them were just very thinly covered with concrete. On average maybe 1/8". So I removed all this and the dirt under until I reached solid concrete again. This created about a half dozen small voids not larger than say 2" x 2" x 12". Finally I packed all these with new cement as mentioned..

So does concrete typically expel moisture in the first little while after pouring? If not, then these spots are now more wet than they were before I "fixed" them :confused1:

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Well I'm confused then. Everywhere I have read said that it was a good idea to use for plugging holes and cracks in the basement as it did not shrink and sets up fast. What did you mean by layering though? The holes are about a few inches wide and deep by around 12 or so inches long. The length running along where the floor meets the wall. What would have been the right material? Straight concrete?

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