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We have an old celotex ceiling and it is falling down..insulation is blown in on top of ceiling tiles and will fall out if taken down..Is there anything we can put up over this like bead board or 1/4" sheet rock..which is cheaper and which is best...Thanks for any info out there...
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1/2" sheet rock would be the cheapest and easiest----1/4" costs more and will sag and bag on a ceiling.
If the rafters are spaced at 24" --5/8" is preferred. (less likely to sag.)
Consider renting a drywall jack---they are cheap and make overhead drywall easy.

The cost difference with the 1/4" is the volume of sales and production,I would guess. It's an odd ball size and is only used for bending around curved walls and for skinning over bad plaster walls and such.--Mike--
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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