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Ceiling Support for Drywall

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Hello all, I am new here and am just starting on fishing my basement.

I have a problem and need some advice. I have trusses in my basement that don't extend all the way to the wall, they are 12" - 16" away. The other problem is that the walls are already drywalled and the top of the framing isn't as tall as the bottom of the truss. So I need to come up with a support system for the edge of the drywall. I have attached pics to try and clear up some of the confusion.

Gap from truss to wall

Looking down top of drywall (out wall of basement)

Another gap of trusses and drywall

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your pictures are, never mind. Put a level from the trusses to the wall at the all the corners, snap a chalk line and install a cleat on the outside walls. If its less than 16", there shouldn't be any problem.
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