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I've got a new radiant ceiling heater to install. It came with a two foot long mc cable enclosing the connecting wires, and instructions to terminate that above the ceiling insulation and as far from the heater as possible.

That means making a hole for the mc cable in the plaster ceiling and terminating in the attic. No problem there.

But I can't find whether you can just run mc through plaster without some sort of bushing or fireblock, in the protected area above the heater. First issue is safety/NEC, second is whether the edge of the plaster hole needs protecting itself, so as not to crumble/enlarge.

What would be the right way to do this? Can I just install a bushing and use fireblock caulk around the mc? Or skip the bushing and just use fireblock caulk?

And I mistakenly wrote emt in the title instead of mc, but the site won't let me edit it.

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