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ceiling light wiring - confusion on load vs. line (existing circuit)

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Hi, my first post here and hoping someone can take a quick look at what is probably an easy question. I have a DR ceiling light which is only wired to a single wall switch/dimmer and has been that way for a long time. I got a new light and finally decided to move the box over one bay so that it's centered which you can see below.

The second pic is how the wiring looked before (I should have taken a video or better pic) but I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. In that old box, I have BX coming in from each side which was connected to the romex running to the switch. The BX white wires are tied together and it looks like the two BX black wires (a little hard to tell because cloth wrap determines color) are tied with the white romex (red wire nut)

How would you wire this? Again, just a single switch tied to a light and tying into existing BX wiring in box.


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