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ceiling issue

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When we bought our home we removed a drop ceiling in our 5 x 7 bathroom. Problem 1 is we have a fan that was installed beneath the original ceiling. We want to keep the fan, but obviously want to put greenboard up to cover the housing of the fan and wiring. Problem 2 is the shower surround that was installed goes almost to the original ceiling.

Questions I have...Is it feasable to run 2x4s around the bathroom walls and tie them in through the plaster into the studs? If so, I obviously need to run joists overhead to support the greenboard. How can I tie them to the 2x4s running around the edge? I thought maybe using decking brackets??

I have been pondering over a good way to redo this ceiling, and need help asap. I have attached pictures becasue I know this probably sounds stupid, and may have never been done before :laughing:


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