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Ceiling insulation in old 5 unit in Colorado

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My boss has an old unit and it has plaster ceilings and a flat roof. No real way to access the drop ceiling without cutting it.

He said foam would be good but expensive.
I suggested Owens Corning pink blown insulation with a 3 inch hose and drill a hole for pressure. He thinks we would have a lot of holes and patching.

I was thinking trying to cut one hole to let a guy stand on a ladder and blow the insulation then patch the ceiling.

The apartment units are small. Any other ideas? Thanks.
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I don't think he wants to do that. It has a flat roof and that has been redone. I was also thinking about a new ceiling but it would probably be pretty pricey.
In the long run it will pay off. Plus the upper apartments will be cooler. The walls most likely need insulated also. Depending on what he is expecting for his ROI (Return Of Investment), all depends on who he rents to and how much he charges.

The one thing about getting the roof torn off if it has been on for a long time. Any rotting wood can be addressed and also air sealing can be down around fixture boxes and wiring. Same that any critters that have found their way in that space, can be kicked out.

The good thing about getting up in the ceiling, will be that he can install wired CO/Smoke alarms, if they are not already installed. Of course once he starts opening things up. he can be required to do certain upgrades. Denver now requires Sprinkler systems in apartments. As for if they are required in existing structures and with this work. Depends on the municipality code office.
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