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Ceiling Fan

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I have a practically brand new ceiling fan but the pull chain for the light will not budge. I believe a child has pulled on this chain to hard and something happened inside the unit. Is there any way to fix this and if so how?
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You can buy a new pull chain switch at lowes / home depot. They are located with /lamp or fan parts. You will have to disassemble the light kit down to that part. The pull chain switch comes out by unthreading the pull switch through the hole. Follow the diagram instructions on the package,then reassemble.Make sure its for light kit and not a 3 speed control for fan
Same way you fixed your bike as a kid.

Take it apart and figure it out.

If it can't be fixed, replace it.

Mark the wires so you don't have to come back asking where they go :laughing:
Mark the wires so you don't have to come back asking where they go :laughing:
I second that. This is the second most asked question here. "I took down a light and put up a new one and now nothing in the next room works". Maybe not exact words but you get what I am talking about. Please mark the wires or draw it out so YOU can put them back where they go. :thumbsup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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