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Ceiling fan wiring/will not operate with remote

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Need assistance on wiring. Ceiling fan only works when connected without remote. Replaced first remote and still same problem. I have two wall switches for fan and light. (2) Black/White/Grounds coming out of ceiling. Current wiring that operates fan and light without remote: 2 ceiling white/1 fan white, 1 ceiling black/1 fan blue, 1 ceiling black/1 fan black, 3 grounds. Any ideas on wiring with remote??? No success following fan wiring instructions..Thanks for any input.
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thanks for the idea. I was unsuccessful. I tried each wall switch individually and nothing happened when remote connected. Its hard to believe I've had two bad remotes. Can't understand why light and fan work with the wiring above, but remote is still a no go. Ideas?
ok. Yes all connections are correct with no result, but when bypassing remote and using both switches everything works. Only idea is to try another remote....
checked dip switches and batteries and they are good. Can't figure this out.
yes the indicator lights on hand held light up
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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