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Ceiling fan outlet box suitable?

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Hi all

First post on the forum folks, so hello.

Looking for advice on whether an octagonal metal outlet box is suitable for 42" fan installation (weight of fan 13lbs). The manual does say that the box has to be approved for ceiling fans (usually for >35lbs, accounting for rotational torque I guess) but I cant tell due to paint splatter. I have had a similar fan installed in an adjacent bedroom for about 7 years already, no issues. Im pretty sure its attached to a joist, but perhaps not completely on the joist. Wiring has R/W/B+ground.

Pic attached

Cheers all
Jim (Ontario, Canada)


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It looks like lumber above the box so I say it will be okay. But one screw is not enough. You might have to remove the screw and turn it so you can get at least two screws into good thick lumber. This by far is the easiest way to get this job done.
Not exactly a fan box, but okay for this old work.

That location looks like an easy swap to a fan rated box though. The box looks like it will come right out and allow very easy mounting of the correct box.
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It doesn't appear to be a fan rated box.

Keep in mind that not only we concerned with how the fan mounts to the stud in terms of holding the fan, but also the bolt holes in the box that the fan attaches to. Fan rated boxes have threaded holes for larger bolts and there is more thread depth on the holes, so they can hold more weight. Typical fixture bolts use #8 threads, fans typically use #10 thread bolts. That looks like a regular light fixture box.
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Don't attach the fan bracket to the box. Use 3" screws and secure the bracket to the joist above the box.

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That is not a fan rated box.

Fan-Rated Box Markings

Fan-Rated Box installed with support visible

Without the wire and clamps in the box, you can see the additional mounting screws through the top of the box in addition to the smaller ones in the side of the box for positioning.

As mentioned, the box has larger mounting screws #10 x 32 and is deeper to allow for the "knuckle" so the fan can move with affecting the connection deeper in the box.

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