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ceiling fan or switch issue

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I have been trying to figure this out for a while, i put in a new ceiling fan and it works fine but there is a catch I have a porch light now the does not come on without the ceiling fan on and the same for some of the receptacles??

so if this images works you will see (2) 2 way wires and (1) 3 way wire coming into the fan.

the fan has
black - Black - fan
red - Black - light
white - common

the switch is has 2 sliders one for the fan and the light

black to black
black to red
red to yellow
and then the ground and common white

and then 2 way wire goes out to the the there light switch at the patio

have i cross a wire or is there a way to test the switch?

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You'll have to figure out where your source of power originates at, either in the fan box or the light switch. A lot of times 14/3 wire is run from the light/fan box to the switch box, but one wire carries power to the switch box and the other returns power to the ceiling box. This is usually done to power an outlet on the wall near the switch box, and in this setup you cannot run two separate switches for a fan setup with out running additional wire.

Figure out where the power comes in at (should be a 2 conductor plus ground in one of the boxes. You will have to disconnect some wires to determine which is the hot one. Give us a description of the wires and how they are connected in the switch box for the porch light, switch box for the fan, and the fan box. Pictures would help to describe this in better detail.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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