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Ceiling fan mounting to metal box full of EMT connections

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I have a ceiling box in a bedroom for a light.

The ceiling box is a 2-1/8" deep 4x4 box with a round mud ring. There arefour 1/2" EMT conduits in the attic coming from different directions, then the bends connecting to the back of the box via set screw connectors.

I would like to mount a ceiling fan there instead. Even though it "feels" real sturdy I don't think its a good idea to not brace the box as the ceiling fan might work the set screws loose over time.

There is no easy way to brace the box to any wood with all the EMT in the back. I don't want to disconnect them all to change to a "turn and tighten" style box either because one circuit passes through the box with no slack in the conductor.

One option would be to attach a piece of say 2x6 across two rafters say 18" above the box in the attic, then use a threaded rod from the piece of wood to the box.

The other approach would be to find a new location say 6" over from the box and just run a short wire over from the existing box and brace it the typical way. The fan won't be in the center and there will be an extra cover plate next to the fan.

Or is there a third (better) way?
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