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Ceiling Fan/Light Out

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The ceiling fan w/ light has gone out. Both fan and light are not working, and there's voltage to the switch. Haven't checked yet at the fan box. Is there a way to eliminate the fan motor and hook up just the light? We're not ready to buy a new fan, and really don't need it right now, but we do need the light.

There's a 4.75µF capacitor in the light housing that I suspect is causing the fan to not work, but I'm not sure if it would also cause the light to not get voltage (which it isn't at the light socket)
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Most fans that I have installed have separate connections for light and fan. One could wire the light and leave the fan unhooked without any problem.
Well, I'm assuming that there's a 3-wire cable to the ceiling fan (B,W,R) because I've got a black and red on the [COLOR=blue !important]wall switch[/COLOR]. But apparently, there must be a rewiring situation required in the light kit housing in order to make it work light only... hmm
it sounds to me as if you need to open up your relevant boxes to see how things are wired. I have heard nothing in your posts that eliminate the possibility that the fan has separate power for fan and light.
This has been fixed.
What has been fixed/

There is no separate wiring for fan & light: Blue and Black combined.
My assumption is that blue is light and black is fan. I assume, also, that there is a white wire for neutral.

Is there a way to eliminate the fan motor and hook up just the light?
Confirm which of the two wires (blue or black) powers the light. Leave the other one disconnected.
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