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Ceiling Fan Install Help

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Is there a way to replace the standard light fixture in a room with a ceiling fan/light and control both independably from the wall switch? I know to do it correctly would require running additional wire to the fixture from the wall switch but wondered if there was another way. A dimmer for the light would be preferred but not necessary. Any recommendations other than just using the pull chains that will smack my head if I leave them long enough for the wife to reach?
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Since you only have one switch currently, your best bet without adding another switch and running new wire would be a remote controlled fan.

There are some models available with a handheld remote, and some models that provide a remote that replaces your current light switch. Either one will allow you to independently control the fan speed and light, and I believe some also provide a light dimming function.

Edit: I forgot about the devices kbsparky mentions. With that type of device, you can use any standard ceiling fan/light. The transmitter he shows goes in place of your light switch, and there is a separate receiver module that you install inside the fan's canopy.

So I think that pretty much sums up your available options :)

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You can get remote control units that will work with any fan. They are designed to allow separate fan and light control in installations where the house was not pre-wired for a fan. The device that goes in the wall is basically just a remote, and there's a little device that you install in the fan box that does the actual dimming and speed control. You can get these with or without a handheld remote, too. Lowes and HD have them.

Before you go that route, you might want to check and make sure it's not pre-wired for a fan. Is there an extra red or black wire in the box?

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IMO, you got that backwords. I'd lay a dollar down that those of us here help alot more and are more knowledgeable than the typical HD/Lowes associates. No slams intended...just the facts ma'am.
True that. If you go to either place looking for technical help, you're already behind the 8-ball. Chances are excellent the person giving you electrical advice is either totally ignorant or is retired from some other trade like plumbing.
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