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Ceiling Fan install - finally something I did right...

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I spent some time today proving to myself that you do use geometry after grade school in order to get my oct-box for a future ceiling fan perfectly centered in the room and in the center of one of the tin tiles. :thumbup: Came out well and just as anally retentive as it sounds.

It occurred to me that I had pulled 12/2 through the joists for the future ceiling fan. :whistling2: Thankfully, I thought about this before I closed up the ceiling. I happened to have some 12/3 on hand and it was easy enough to use the 12/2 to pull the 12/3.

I'm super pleased that I thought about it before it was a major PITA to change. For once.
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You mean the 12-2 wasn't stapled? :no:

It was just run through the joists, no staples.... yet. :thumbsup:
Do you already have the fan(s) you plan to install? I found out the hard way that some are NOT designed to be installed on the typical octagonal fan box. Mine (Hunter brand) came with a huge lag screw and some washers to attach a pancake box directly to a rafter or to a cross-piece of 2x4 between two rafters. That, and having a 12/12 pitch ceiling, made it "interesting" to install them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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