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Ceiling fan double check

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I installed my first ceiling fan about 4 or 5 months ago. It's a Hunter that came with the remote setup. However, I decided to wire it to my dual switches (one for the light kit and one for the fan), rather wiring the receiver.

So, I got the light working and the fan working. However, the breaker trips when I plug a vacuum in the same room. The light can be off and it will trip. When I use a surge protector, I can vacuum, no problem. Though sort of inconvenience, we've been using this work around for a few months now.

Recently, I flipped the switch for the fan, then pulled the cord and sparks shot out of the unit, the fan ran for 1 second, then the breaker tripped. I wouldn't think that having an alarm clock, TV, roku, small lamp, and a ceiling fan would pop a breaker. We immediately turned the fan switch off, then reset the breaker. At this point, we didn't bother messing with the fan.

Based on what I've seen, I'm thinking it is the breaker itself. Any ideas?
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Here's my wiring:

Here's my troublesome breaker, second from the bottom "Smokes & Master BD":

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Turn off the breaker. Lower the fan canopy and find the loose wire you missed when you hooked it up.
In simple terms. Where the sparks are is where your problem lies.
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