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Ceiling fan - 2 3 way switches

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Diagram in my album, wouldnt let me post it in the thread.

Just bought a house and I don't trust whats going on with this wiring. Currently the light works off both 3 way switches as expected, the fan is operated by the pull chain. All the outlets in the room work fine as well. There is a switch that controls the garage lights that wasn't hooked up(checked continuity between them to verify they did go to the garage lights), and it doesn't look like it can be powered since there is no neutral wire. The 3 way switches are set up so there is one when you come from the garage into the house, then the other 3 way switch for when you leave the downstairs room to go upstairs.

Any suggestions on how to clean this up and still get power to the garage light switch, and have the light operate on the 3 way switches?
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The black shouldn't be connected to the whites in the switch box but if all is working well leave it alone.

The garage light might be a switch loop. The power is probably at the garage light. Open the garage light check the wiring there.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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