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Please see the attached picture which shows some weather damaged beveled cedar siding. The siding had previously been treated with a water based solid stain, but routine maintenance was not kept up. I am sure it has been several years since a paint job was due. This siding is in direct sunlight a good part of the day and the siding is not back primed. Some of the boards have a curled a bit, but most are still fairly straight. My question is if it makes any sense to paint this siding with maybe replacing only the ones that are 'really bad'? Replacing it all is very cost prohibitive, but I don't want to pour good money & time down the drain on a paint job that likely won't last very long. The siding seems to be in decent shape besides that on this (south) side of the house. If a paint job can kick the can down the road for maybe several years, what would be the recommended way to go about it? Stay with the solid stain or prime and latex paint? Is there anything that can reasonably be done to reduce the 'pitting' appearance before applying paint or stain? Or, will paint or stain reduce that effect somewhat on its own? Any other advice is appreciated.



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I'd apply a coat or two of solid stain and call it good enough.
Paint would probably make it look a little better than solid stain will but paint will peel sooner or later, stain rarely peels - just wears away. It's easier to restain than to repaint.
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