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Cedar Siding Gap

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Hi...I'm replacing some warped pieces of lapped cedar siding and have found two pieces with about a 1" horizontal gap between them. Instead of being overlapped, they were nailed at both the top and bottom of each piece. It's not in a very visible location, on the side of the house on the second story, so I guess someone just took a shortcut. Of course, they have now cracked and need replacement. The pieces are only about 6' long.

I'm not sure how to deal with this. I thought about cutting a mini-lap piece, but that would probably just warp and look odd. Any ideas?
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Well, I'd much rather not replace all the other boards all the way up to the top as they are in good condition and it would be a lot of extra work. I'm calling around to see if I can find some 10" wide siding, as the existing are 8".
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