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Hey Everyone,

My house has cedar siding with a 2.5 to 3 inch reveal. When replacing areas of siding (we removed a couple windows etc), I am using cedar siding and hand nailing before painting.

My question are as follows:

1. Is there any other siding material besides vinyl that can be easily installed with a ~3 inch reveal? Is anyone out there doing this? I guess I am not opposed to vinyl, but I don't prefer the look and as I am not interested in doing the whole house, I am worried different fade patterns will ultimately be a problem.

2. If I stick with wood, is anone using a nail gun to face nail cedar clapboard siding that is only 3.5 inches wide (like what I am using)? I am not aware of a nail gun that carries the right nails for this application. They all seem to be geared towards cement or some other type of siding.

Thanks for the input. I would like to either continue using wood but speed it up a little or switch to a siding that will need less maintenance(even if it takes more time up front).


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Welcome to the forum.

I wouldn’t use vinyl siding to patch up cedar. They do make nail guns for siding (coil nailer) but I never use them on face nailed cedar.

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I've used the air guns, on Cedar, which {kwikfishron} speaks of - 2 times.
The result being: over-drive or under-drive many of the nails -
time spent taking care of that.
Had to go back, within a year or two, and replace split pieces -
over-driven (probably).
I wouldn't use them again!
It's a good idea to pre-drill the nails, on the ends or near "knots".
Also, back prime/stain the Cedar before you install it - ends, also.

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