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In Alberta Canada house built in 2008, Finishing the basement and don't have enough spaces left in elec. panel. With the new CEC 26-724(f) requirements basically everything will need AFCI protection in the home (With some exceptions (Sump, Bath etc).

Can I move some circuits that under new code (2015 CEC 26-724(f)) would now require AFCI breakers but are grandfathered under the old code and using full 1" Non-AFCI breakers and move them to 1/2" space-saving breakers (Not AFCI protected)to free up more room for the new circuits or would moving them to a different panel position and breaker (1" to 1/2" breaker) now require me to utilize AFCI to these grandfathered circuits.

Essentially I am asking if I change the breakers to different styles (1" to 1/2") and position in the panel box would equate to an upgraded or modification in these circuits and require me to follow the latest electrical code revisions i.e adding AFCI protection? But as I don’t think they make AFCI 1/2" breakers this is really not an option.

If so an alternative is to put in a subpanel and not move any breakers and just add AFCI breakers to the new panel but this is not ideal.

Hope this makes sense.
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