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caulking the windows

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where the glass pane meets the plastic frame there is a gap and it looks like the "caulking?" has shrunk.
do we just clean the muck out and use bathroom/ kitchen caulking to fill it up? it has been wet - condensation-so there is a wee bit of mold.
thanks all
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Post up a picture. That is usually part of the glazing bead and designed, to some extent, to allow moisture that bypasses that area to drain out.

You would normally use a clear silicone there.
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the window frame is white- just looks odd in the pic.
shows where the caulking seems to have shrunk.
does it usually do that in a 13 year old house?
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It's a little hard to tell , but I think your first pic indicates that you're talking about the setting material . Either foam tape or adhesive that the glass seats on . Unless you are getting noticeable air leakage , it really isn't hurting anything. AND , if you try to aggressively dig it out , you can break the glass in a hurry !

You probably should frequently clean the entire window & sash with a bleach solution to kill the mold .
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thanks. so I should not caulk it? I hoped to fill it up so that water did not sit in it and cause mold.
It would probably be better to leave as is . Unless you can get the mold & moisture OUT , you would probably be sealing it IN .

, if applying a small bead of silicone could , say , keep you out of divorce court , caulking would seem prudent !


thanks very much
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