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Caulking tape removal

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OK, I just freshly painted the bathroom and decided to add caulking tape across the top of the sink. I don't know, I was trying to be decorative and keep clean lines. Well, it looked like crap but when I took the cauking tape off, there is a lot of caulking residue. How do I get it off so I can touch up paint there and let it be? No snide remarks please I learned my lesson!! :laughing: I just want that sticky goo off and it wont come off...oh, I just remembered I have krud kleener...but I better look and see if it will mess up the paint......

<sigh> Bathroom is almost done though :thumbup:
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Paint thinner, alcohol, lacquer are all good solvents. One should remove the adhesive. But they will also likely attack the paint.
Thanks Bill. I don't care that it attacks the paint. I have 1/2 gallon left of the color to touch it back up and feather it in. Its newly painted last weekend so it will work. Appreciate the response. :thumbsup:
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