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caulk, grout or silicone in shower?

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Last year we renovated our downstairs bathroom and in the shower we installed stone tiles around our tub. The contractor used grout to fill the seem where the bottom of the stone tiles meet the tub. I do see a few crack in the grout and wonder if caulk should have been used. Just worried water will leak when it gets used. Is it ok to use grout at this plane or did the contractor make a mistake? If grout shouldn't have been used, do i now use silicon or caulk ? which kind since there are so many brands out there? Should i fill the tub and then do it? thanks

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Silicone caulk should be uses where the tub and tile meet--also the inside corners where the walls come together.

No need to fill the tub.---Mike----

If you don't know how to apply silicone caulk neatly come back and ask.---Mike---
When you say" Where walls come together", is that only where the tiles meet the top of the tub or from the top of the tiles all the way down the wall to the top of the tub?
Walls move---corners will open so caulking from top of the tile to the top of the tub on the inside corners is standard practice. last question. the stone tiles go all the way up to the ceiling. does that mean i have to caulk where the tile meets the ceiling?
Up there you want a paintable caulk so use a good painters caulk
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