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Cathedral Ceiling Modification

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(not sure if this is the right forum but im sure there is a few contractors on here...) We are currently looking at a house plan that has 3 bedrooms upstairs, one situated directly over the livingroom. Were thinking of modifying the plan by eliminating that one room to open up the living room and add cathedral ceilings. My question is, would the cost saving associated with removing the one room (drywall, ducts, electrical, flooring etc.) offset the cost of the more expensive joists needed for cathedral ceilings? What are some other financial pros/cons of doing this, (higher heating costs? lower property taxes due to reduced sqr footage, etc.?) -thanks
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Q. Were you heating the bedroom you are eliminating?
A. Actually the house isnt built I was just referring to changing the house plan, by eliminating the room would the cost be around the same when it comes time to build?
Q. Will the new cathedral room include all of the prior room?
A. The room is exactly the same size as the livingroom, same dimensions, directly on top.
Q. Or will the new ceiling be lower then the old ceiling?
A. I guess the ceiling would be the same height, just that the ceiling now wont have a bedroom under it but a living room.
Q. Is the thermostat in the room that will have the new cathedral ceiling? A. im going to say yes, might have different zones.

again im just wondering which of the two plans will cost more, to build with a bedroom above the livingroom or no bedroom and cathedral ceilings instead.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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