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cast iron tub install

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I am installing a cast iron Kohler tub and had some questions....
I have 1/2 inch plywood underlayment on top of 5/8 tongue and groove subfloor..planning on 1/4 inch hardibacker butting up against tub...the tub is now sitting on the underlayment...according to Kohler's instructions...all I need to do is shim for level both ways...and that should be it...or am I missing somthing...
my questions are :I have read about using a ledger board ... Kohler says it is not recommended.. should I use one anyway ???...and should my tub be sitting on the subfloor only to ensure the feet are carrying the load or should I now shim all 4 feet to raise the tub up a bit??? I am concerned that the apron might be carrying some of the load the way it is sitting now....
thanks for your help
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