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cast iron bath tub

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i had a cast iron installed in the bathroom about 2 months ago . the contractor finished installing the tiles. I went to clean the bathtub and i
see brown stains all over the bottom of the tub. Also on the sides of the bathtup some grey lines that looked like scratches but after touching them it felt bumpy like paint or something else. I tried acetone and goof off but it did not help . can you suggest of how i can get rid of it ?
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Do they match the grout color? See if you can pop them off with your fingernail or a paint stirrer.
Check the use and care book to see what cleaners they recommend.
You can polish the stains and bumps out with water and 1500 grit wet sandpaper found at local automotive store. The 1500 grit matches the gloss level of a tub finish.
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