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Carrier Weathermaker 8000vs

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I have a Carrier Weathermaker 8000vs. I have gas forced air for the heating system and I have central air conditioning on a single zone. When I power the unit I see a green light through the plastic peek hole for a split second and then it turns solid amber. Is that normal? I know it would blink for error codes but I was expecting it to be green unless I call for heat or cooling.

I have a Honeywell RTH9580WF01 wifi thermostat.

I'll try to explain what I have hooked up to the unit... Two wires going to the air conditioner outside is C and Y. Humidifier two wires go to C and HUM (on the middle of the circuit board). Air filter has two wires going to C and R. Between the thermostat and the 8000VS I have a Honeywell THP9045A 1023. So from the 8000VS (R Y G C W) to the THP9045A it's hooked up to RC, Y, G, C, W-O/B. Now from the other side of the THP9045A (Rc K C W-OB) goes to the thermostat's (Rc K C W-OB).

The THP9045A 1023 is used to hookup the 5 wires from the 8000VS to 4 wires going to the thermostat. Could that unit go bad? Also, if I would want to bypass that unit and I had 5 wires going from the thermostat to the 8000VS would I then hook it up as follows...from the 8000VS (R Y G C W) to the thermostats Rc, Y, G, C, W-O/B ? So basically the K is really the yellow and green wires multiplexed with that THP9045A.

My thermostat seems flaky at times and I noticed it shutting off (like loosing power) several times a day. I checked all of the wiring (making sure it was tight). I just want to get a basic understanding of my system and how it is supposed to work.
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Check the error code diagram on the back of one of the doors to see if amber is OK. Older units used red.

Those add a wire devices have been known to cause a lot of problems with furnaces and more so with furnaces with variable speed ECM motors.

I would get rid of it and run another wire and use RYGCW standard connections. Must also have #18 wire. If it is smaller that can cause problems.

HDepot has #18 LVT wire on a roll or you buy it by the foot.
Read the troubleshooting info on the error code sticker for future reference. There also may be some troubleshooting info in the owners or install manual. Carrier is usually pretty easy to understand their info.

The new wire should do the trick.:wink2:
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