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Carrier Weathermaker 8000vs

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I have a Carrier Weathermaker 8000vs. I have gas forced air for the heating system and I have central air conditioning on a single zone. When I power the unit I see a green light through the plastic peek hole for a split second and then it turns solid amber. Is that normal? I know it would blink for error codes but I was expecting it to be green unless I call for heat or cooling.

I have a Honeywell RTH9580WF01 wifi thermostat.

I'll try to explain what I have hooked up to the unit... Two wires going to the air conditioner outside is C and Y. Humidifier two wires go to C and HUM (on the middle of the circuit board). Air filter has two wires going to C and R. Between the thermostat and the 8000VS I have a Honeywell THP9045A 1023. So from the 8000VS (R Y G C W) to the THP9045A it's hooked up to RC, Y, G, C, W-O/B. Now from the other side of the THP9045A (Rc K C W-OB) goes to the thermostat's (Rc K C W-OB).

The THP9045A 1023 is used to hookup the 5 wires from the 8000VS to 4 wires going to the thermostat. Could that unit go bad? Also, if I would want to bypass that unit and I had 5 wires going from the thermostat to the 8000VS would I then hook it up as follows...from the 8000VS (R Y G C W) to the thermostats Rc, Y, G, C, W-O/B ? So basically the K is really the yellow and green wires multiplexed with that THP9045A.

My thermostat seems flaky at times and I noticed it shutting off (like loosing power) several times a day. I checked all of the wiring (making sure it was tight). I just want to get a basic understanding of my system and how it is supposed to work.
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Thanks. The panel didn't say anything about an amber light. It does say continuous on - Control has 24V power. I don't get any numbers, just this amber light. Not sure if that's normal or not.

I already ran a new wire, 8 conductor 18 AWG. I'll wire it like you said and get rid of that other piece.
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