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Carrier UNIT

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This past winter, my heat pump would only run off of emergency heat. When summer came the AC worked good. It was a couple of weeks that we didn't use the ac or heat. However, Now the outside unit will not come on. My husband kick started by holding a contact button it, but the compresor ran for a minute than made a hiss noise, I am affraid of him trying to over ride the unit like that. Any Ideal what this may be? AC was working great so i have no clue. The fan in the squarl cage is coming on, but than it will click off. If you move the thermostat around it will come on than click off. the fan on top will not even come on
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Could be a wiring problem, or a SAFETY doing its job.
does that mean its out of freone? All wires look good. Does it take freone for the heat pump to work also? Thank you so much for your time
It could be out or low. And yes, it needs its refrigerant charge(freon) to work in heat mode.

Continuing to hold in the contactor and making the compressor run with a low charge can do harm to the compressor, and cost lots more to repair.
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