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Carrier Heat Pump putting out heat when supposed to be dormant

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It's a 25 year old Carrier, with an Ecobee thermostat. It's been working fine for the last couple of years. For circulation, the thermostat is set to run the air handler fan for 10 minutes, once an hour if no heat or cooling is called for. The indoor temp was about 74 degrees. The thermostat is set to cool when the temp hits 76 degrees and turn on the heat when it drops to 70 degrees.

Yesterday, the thermostat wasn't calling for heat or cooling but the air handler fan and the outdoor compressor and fan were running. We noticed it was warm in the house and I discovered there was 90 degree air coming our of the duct! If I turned the T-stat down to call for cooling, the duct output air would drop to about 75 degrees, no lower, and the compressor and it's fan were running.

Any suggestions?

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Possibly a sequencer stuck closed.
Best way to start would be to check for a call on the low voltage wiring, with your meter
Solved. I called a local HVAC company and got a tech one year out of trade school. The kid replaced the air handling board and that didn't fix it. Aftermarket board. Didn't work. Then he replaced the sequencers. Didn't work. After two hours he called a senior tech. Another hour of diagnosis and he replaced the same board with a Carrier brand board. That fixed it.

I'm anticipating a big electric bill, since it seems the strips were on for a couple of days.

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