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Carrier fv4bnf002 fan coil--fan runs constantly

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Hi, I have a Carrier fv4bnf002 fan coil which was installed in 2004. Here is the manual for it:
The fan runs constantly when the thermostat wires are totally disconnected from the Easy Select PCB.
It runs constantly if the low voltage connector is completely removed from the control module that sits right on top of the motor.
I did the troubleshooting steps in the manual for the Easy Select board and it seems to check OK. The fuse on the board was also fine.

Based on this, does it seem like the control module on the motor needs to be replaced? I'd actually go ahead and replace the whole motor and module assembly because the motor has gotten a bit noisier over the years.

Thank you
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Sounds like the motor module.
It was the motor module. I replaced the fan too because I wasn't able to pull it off and it made more sense than me buying the puller that I'd only use once in my lifetime.
I cleaned the coil while I was up in the attic too.
It's so much quieter now and the fan only runs when it's supposed to.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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